The answer to the riddle

Hi everyone! We are not going to be posting about a new topic today, but we will give you the answer to yesterday’s riddle! The answer is……. A chalkboard! Have a great day! Stay safe! We will be posting tomorrow! Stay tuned!                                             This picture is from headspace. (A meditation app)

Our riddle

Hi! Sorry guys, we forgot to write today's riddle in our post today! Here it is! What is white, when it's dirty?  You will get the answer tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

Smoothie recipies

Good morning! As we told you yesterday, this topic will be about our favorite smoothie homemade recipes! These measurements do not have to be exact, they are just recommended.  Blueberry peach-  In this smoothie, I put in a ½  cup of blueberries, a ½ cup of peaches, a ¼ cup of yogurt, and then fill milk up to where the berries and yogurt end. I would recommend using yogurt with a very small amount of sugar in it because the sweetness of sugary yogurt can be too much. This picture has been shipped on a little. Mango pineapple smoothie- in this smoothie I put 1/2 of pineapples and 1/2 of mangos next I add about two ice cubes. (keep in mind these recipes make enough for one person.) Next, I add a touch of milk, and either orange juice or lemonade. It is always an option to use water, but it will not be as sweet. Using water is a healthier way to make a smoothie. The picture that I showed you has already been sipped on already. Berry medley- Put in a cup of berries, an ⅛ cup of yogurt, a ⅓

Our next post

Hello again! We just want to let you know what tomorrow’s post will be. Tomorrow will be all about our homemade smoothie and juice recipes! Smoothies are a very healthy thing to have to tide you over! We will also be giving you some tips on smoothie/juice making. I hope you enjoy it! Just one more thing before we finish up for today, we are going to be doing a riddle every Wednesday on our posts! We will give you the answer to the riddle the next day. We hope you look forward to our Wednesday posts even more now! Bye! :)

Staying Organized

Hello everybody! Today we are going to be talking about the importance of organization, and how you should organize. We hope you enjoy it!  We will also be giving you real-life examples of our organized living spaces. Make sure to follow us in the future to get more ideas! Organize your jewelry box- This is a way to access your jewelry easily. Sort it by the jewelry you wear most often, to jewelry that is for more fancy events. I will be organizing my jewelry box and then I will show you! Like I said before, I have it sorted by the jewelry that I wear every day, the fancier ones, and just one drawer with a ton of earrings in it.                                          Make your bed- It gets your day off to a good start! Once you make your bed, you will most likely have a more productive day. It is also very important to wash your bedspread every other week because dust can get into your bed very quickly. Breathing in the dust is bad for your lungs, which is why this is so important. D

Tomorrows Topic

     Hello! We just wanted to let you know what we are going to be writing about tomorrow! The next topic will be how to stay organized. This is SO important especially since people are staying inside a lot more now. Another thing we wanted to tell you about is when we get to 20 posts, we will have a celebration day! We will make cupcakes, and show you our FAVORITE cupcake recipe. Thank you guys so much! Stay safe! ✌️

Daily workouts

Aloha! Welcome back to another blog post! Today we will be giving you guys a weekly workout routine. This way you can stay active in quarantine. This is just an idea for you guys. Of course, no one’s exercise routine is the exact same! You can modify these exercises, this just gives you an exercise structure. Sunday: Stretch day- Stretching is very important. You should stretch a little bit before every workout, but having a day just for stretching and not working out is also good. Monday: abb workout. For an abb workout, one we like is the Chloe Ting abb workout! Look her abb workout up on youtube. We have tried it and had a lot of success.  Tuesday: long-distance run- for this you can choose based on your experience, maybe try 1 or 4 miles, but go at your own pace. It all depends on how much you run! Wednesday: arms- for this one you can do a variety of different activities. Some good arm exercises are push-ups, tricep dips, you can also use weights and do other activities. For kids,

Morning and Nighttime Routine

Hi everyone! This is our morning and nighttime routine! Morning: Your morning routine is a very important thing that helps you start off your day. When you have a morning routine that is very consistent it helps you stay more positive. First things first set an alarm. This will help you wake up at the same time every day. The next thing that helps me is making my bed every day. Afterward, you should get dressed. This helps me get ready for my day and stay more productive. After going to the bathroom and washing your face, this will wake you up and help you get a nice start to your day. Next up, make yourself a nice breakfast. It is important what you eat because if you eat something sugary you will not be fueled for your day. Try eating something like an egg and some toast. This will help you get protein. After that, brush your teeth. Make sure to do this after you eat! Next, get some exercise. Maybe that means going for a walk or a run, but this will help you get outside and get mov

Keeping busy

Hi again! We thought we should give you some ideas of what to do in quarantine as a way to start our blog. These things keep us busy and help take our minds off of this pandemic. - Adults Start a book club! I think this is such a fun, and easy activity to do. It keeps you organized, and reading makes you smarter. Just email, text, or call some friends and get it started!   Meditation! Meditating is so good for your mind. With all of the stress around us right now, this can really help. You can get apps to guide you through it. Have an online talk with friends! You have probably thought of this, but if not it is important to stay connected with people, even if you cannot be right next to them. Clean your house. It is good for your mind to have a clean place to live, and you will feel so much better once you are done. (This keeps you busy too.) Organize your desktop and apps. This isn’t much, but again it is good to have a clean space, because it gives you a more clear mind. Gardening. M

Getting Started with Sara & Carter

Hey guys! This is our first post on Blogger. In our blogs, we will be posting all about what is happening in quarantine, and what we do to keep busy! Our names are Sara and Carter, and we live in a small town in Virginia. We each have a dog. Carter’s dog is named Leo, he is a dachshund terrier mix. Leo is very sweet at times, but he picks his favorites. Sara’s dog is named Ozzie, he is a wire haired pointing griffon. He is a gentle giant who is very playful.  We are very close, and throughout quarantine, we have been FaceTiming every day with our other relatives. This is when we came up with the idea to have a blog! We will be focusing on the positives in quarantine, and we hope this brightens up your day! As we said earlier, we will be posting about positive things during quarantine! We really want this page to focus on staying positive and things you can do to keep busy. On blogger, we will post about our dogs, our daily faceTime with relatives, and many other things we do that light